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GotMyChallenger- PRODUCTS


Challenger Performance!!  

GotMyChallenger is your Dodge Accessories
 Superstore! Shop for Custom Aftermarket Accessories at our everyday low prices at GotMyChallenger
DiabloSport Dodge Challenger Predator Flash Tuner 2009-up

The Predator Flash Tuner from DiabloSport ups your performance potential and gives you the edge when it comes time to lay down the hammer. Incorporating many options and features, this product is sure to please on many levels. Unlike other tuners, the Predator's programming is performed in very small increments throughout your entire rpm range for smoother, wider, and more predictable power delivery. This unit allows you to choose from multiple, dyno-proven performance tunes, including economy, towing, and performance calibrations.

With more features than can be described, this unit plugs into your ODM-II port to allow advanced vehicle diagnostics, real-time data monitoring, and precise logging capabilities. The easy-to-use interface lets you adjust tuning parameters to suit your specific needs and can read and clear fault codes while displaying concise, viewable text explanations. You can also adjust your idle rpm, WOT fuel spark, cooling fan operations, and speed limiter; use presets to change shift firmness, and change axle and gear ratios. The Predator also allows adjustments for different tire and wheel sizes. Plus much more!

custom tuning, data logging, and view your changes with DiabloSports free interactive software download. The Predator accepts custom tunes from the DiabloSports huge network of Chipmaster Revolution dealers so you can harness the research of the pros and give your vehicle that extra boost you have been looking for.

  • Dyno-proven gains of 10-15+ rear wheel horsepower and 15+ ft/lb of torque
  • Preset levels for optimal programming choice
  • Can be adjusted for minor aftermarket bolt-on products
  • Large, backlit screen for perfect viewing any light conditions
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Reads and clears diagnostic codes
  • Gives you the ability to make many, many adjustments to your preference
  • Make adjustments easily and without hassle 


How Does the Predator Tuner work? The Predator tunes designed for stock to mildly modified vehicles. With the predators optimized timing and fuel settings, a Hemi equipped vehicle will see gains of 20+ Rear Wheel Horse Power and 20+ ft/lbs of Torque (using 93 octane fuel) across the entire rpm range, not just peak increases.

What is the Diablosport Predator?

The Predator is a state-of-the art, high performance tuning flash programmer in a sleek handheld design. Once connected to the vehicle, the Predators internal computer recognizes the vehicles PCM and automatically picks the proper tuning files designed specifically for that PCM. Inside the Predator's memory are the actual tuning files that optimize the tunes in your vehicle. Unlike other 'tuners', DiabloSport's programming is performed in very small increments throughout the entire RPM range, for a smoother, wider and a more predictable power delivery. DiabloSport engineers spend many hours on the dyno, street and track to ensure the tunes provided with the Predator are the best they can be.

Dyno Tested Performance Tunes

The Predator was created with one thing in mind, POWER!

Average power gains are per tune. The Predators additional power makes itself noticeable immediately with an increase in power that starts in the low RPMs and builds into a frenzy at the high RPMs.

A Predator equipped vehicle will notice significant improvements in drivability. The additional power and improved shift patterns created by the Predator tune will yield quicker acceleration and better mileage, whether it is in town or out on the highway.

The power increase in the lower RPMs will yield a better throttle response. The increase in MPG is a byproduct of maximized engine efficiency, the improved timing curve and air/fuel ratio creates a more complete combustion, i.e. the engine extracts more power from each molecule of gasoline.

Predator Tunes:
  • 93 Octane Performance Tune
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune
  • 89 Octane Performance Tune
  • Modify Factory Tune


Price: $425.99

Challenger 3.5L V-6 Diablosport Preditor Tuner


Price: $479.99

Challenger 5.7L R/T and Challenger 6.1L SRT8

Diablosport Preditor Tuner






Late model Dodge and Chrysler HEMI V8 owners can now increase performance
and improve fuel mileage through the ignition system by installing our new high
performance SOS Coils! The new SOS (Sultans Of Spark) Coils by Performance
Distributors have been designed and engineered to outperform the stock COP
(Coil Over Plug) coils. New and advanced technology has allowed us to pack
more electrifying voltage into these small coils so that the output helps you get
even more tire roasting performance out of your HEMI V8! Our SOS Coils have
increased windings to boost spark output up to 40,000 volts. That is at least a 50%
increase in spark energy over the voltage deprived stock coils! The higher voltage
along with increased spark duration allow plug gaps to be opened up to .065". This
larger gap exposes a hotter spark in the combustion chamber for an increased burn
of the fuel mixture, resulting in more horsepower and better fuel economy. Additional
benefits include quicker starting, smoother idle and greater throttle response. The
SOS Coils are designed utilizing proven technology, the same quality that has gone
into our DUI and Screamin' Demon Coils. No gimmicks are used for our coils such
as "zero resistance" or tricked out "rings", just pure hardcore ignition performance
from the leader in high performance ignition systems. The SOS coils are a direct
replacement for the factory COP coils and do not require any special modifications.
SOS Coils are covered by a one year warranty.

Price: $419.99

Sultans Of Spark Coil Dual Tower, 2008-2011











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