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Under Car Lighting / Lights











PlasmaGlow SuperNova 4.2 Million Color LED Undercar Kit

The PlasmaGlow SuperNova 4.2 Million Color LED Under Car Kit brings under car lighting to the highest level of performance! Over 400 super bright, wide angle LEDs (3x more intense than neon!) from the 2 - 48", and 2 - 35" durable 100% waterproof Lexan tubes completely saturate the ground with 7 available color modes. Control of the system is at your fingertips with a digital control box that can be mounted out of site and operated with the supplied corded remote control. With this kit you'll have the ability to strobe, flash, fade between 4.2 million colors, and even have the kit pulse to the tunes in your car!  Easy plug-n-play design and supplied installation hardware w/ instructions makes install a snap! This PlasmaGlow kit truly provides HUGE performance in an affordable package!

Kit details:

  • Super bright waterproof Lexan LED tubes
  • 7 different color modes
  • 9 available cycle modes
  • Push button control of all features
  • Adjustable speed settings for fade and cycle modes
  • Manufacture Lifetime Warranty

Optional accessories include a Wireless Upgrade to control your kit from up to 500ft away, a Color-Changing Wheel Well Kit


Price: $289.99

SuperNova 4.2 Million LED Undercar Lights






4.2 Wireless Remote Upgrade

The 4.2 Wireless upgrades add wireless capabilities to your controls. They can be controlled from up to 500 feet away.

2.1 million box shown, not actual box

Price: $89.99

4.2 Million Wireless Upgrade








PlasmaGlow Plasma Xenon Bulbs



Only PlasmaGlow bulbs combine the power of Xenon and Krypton Gas, with the highest light output possible!


Headlamp bulbs are available in Plasma Blue.



PlasmaGlow Xenon HID Replacement Bulbs use the power of Xenon and Krypton gas to give your car the unique look you are looking for! Available in 5 exotic colors, our Plasma Xenon bulbs will give your headlights the custom look you desire. Not only do they provide high performance Xenon light, but when viewed at an angle, they produce a colored halo that is sure to turn heads! All of our bulbs are direct replacements for your stock bulbs and can be installed in about 10 minutes. Our bulbs are also designed to work with your stock wiring with no additional upgrades. They are designed to increase performance without an increase in power draw or heat.


Headlight Pair # H13 

Price: $28.99






Night Raider LED Scanner

The 15" LED scanner bar can be used as a 3rd brake light, a security scanner for alarm systems, behind your grill, the possibilities are endless. When the alarm is set, it will scan back and forth.

One of the best things about this item is that it can be powered by a single AA battery. This can also be cut off and the item hard wired to any standard 12 volt power source.

Available in 6 colors
, Order Yours Today!

Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Orange


Price: $49.99 Each

Night Raider Scanner







Night Raider LED Hood Scoop Scanner

For the ultimate upgrade to your hood scoop, look no further than the PlasmaGlow Night Raider LED Hood Scoop Scanner.  The 8" Bar mounts in any hood scoop and features fluid motion scanning.  There is also a dual bar kit that works in tandem if you have 2 hood scoops.  Available in multiple colors. Red or Blue.

Price: $95.99 each

Night Raider Hood Scanner, Blue or Red







LumaFlex Flexible LED Strips

If you need the ultimate in custom lighting, look no further than LumaFlex Flexible LED Strips. These amazing LED Strips are Flexible, and can be easily cut to length to fit anywhere! With LumaFlex LED Strips, you have the ability to do almost any custom lighting job.

LumaFlex Strips come in 1ft Lengths and can be easily connected together where a longer LED Strip is required. They can also be cut shorter to fit in any space necessary. The included 3M Adhesive Strip can be used to mount the LumaFlex Strip on almost any surface.

They are 100% Waterproof so you can use them anywhere on or in your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle. Colors available: Blue,Red,Green,Yellow,Purple,White,Pink,Orange,Blacklight.

Price: $19.99 Each Length

Luma Lights








LED Headlight Professional Strobe Kit

The Professional LED Strobe Kit uses the latest technology to bring ambulance-power strobes to your vehicle in a compact package and utilize the brightness and intensity of LED Lights.  The LED Strobe bulbs draw minimal power, do not heat up, and are guaranteed to last forever.

Four strobe bulbs are included, and can be mounted in headlight, fog light, or tail light casings.  The kit features 5 strobe patterns and 2 speeds that can be changed with a push of a button with the included remote.  The included LED Strobe Controller can be used to strobe any 12 volt product (up to 2,000 LED Lights).  You can also get additional strobe bulbs to mix and match colors in your kit.

Plasmaglow Strobe Kits are the only kits on the market to feature patented SSA (Strobe Security Alert) technology. SSA interfaces with any security system to activate your strobes with your alarm. Colors Available:  Blue, Red Green, Yellow Purple, White, Pink and Orange

Lifetime Warranty.

Price: $229.99

Professional Strobe Kit Set of Four Bulbs







Plasma Neon License Plate Frames


Available in Aqua, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange 



Our license plate frames add a custom look to any vehicle!  They fit any U.S.A. style license plates, and can be mounted three different ways for a custom look! All necessary instructions and hardware are included to ensure a smooth installation.  Our license plate frames are complete with a built-in transformer to allow for a simple 2-wire hookup!  Our license plate frames are 100% waterproof and sealed in a high-impact tube for guaranteed durability!


Sale Priced: $32.99

PlasmaGlow Lic Plate Frames