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Car Car Products For Your Hot Ride!




Professional Car Care Products



Literally works like magic. It utilizes the proven technology of baking a special paraffin wax into 100% cotton strands to assure that dust is lifted and removed, not just pushed around. The Original California Car Duster� gives cars the appearance of looking just washed. The traditional, classic wood handle, and heavy duty mop head preferred by car show entrants and enthusiasts.


Compact, lightweight and easy to use

Exclusive baked-on wax-treated strands lift dust

Won't scratch paint

Reduces number of car washings

Comes with handy carrying case


Price: $21.99

Original Duster , Large





Original California Dash Duster

Specially wax-treated cotton strands that literally lift dust off. Specially designed for vehicle interiors, this unique compact, wedge-shaped duster easily accesses hard-to-reach areas. Forget about spray waxes, dust cloths, and feather dusters. The Original California Dash Duster� performs superbly and reliably for years.


Price: $12.00

Dash Duster







Dodge Challenger (2008-2009) Car Cover
with embroidered logo

High quality fully fitted car cover. Gray in color with license plate window and mirror packets.  Includes embroidered "Challenger" logo on front.
Vehicle Cover helps protect your Dodge Challenger's finish from UV rays, dirt and other airborne pollutants.

� Made of premium Matrix material that is washable, heavy weight, breathable and water resistant
� Custom contoured, these covers feature double-stitched seams and elasticized bottom edges at the front and rear
� Clear rear license plate window, tie-down grommets and mirror pockets are standard. 

Price: $299.99

Embroidered Logo Car Cover






OEM Chrysler 300 Touch Up Paint 5oz Spray Can

Mopar touch-up paint matches your vehicle's exterior color and hides minor scratches while preventing rust from forming in the damaged area. Easy to use and apply.

Tip: The 5oz Spray Can is perfect for painting small accessories, such as taillight covers and body trim parts. Primer recommended for base coat.

Price: $14.95

Touchup Paint Spray Can






OEM Chrysler 300 Touch-Up Paint � oz Tube

Mopar touch-up paint matches your vehicle's exterior color and hides minor scratches while preventing rust from forming in the damaged area. Easy to use and apply.

Tip: Keep a spare tube in your glove box so you'll always know where to find it

Price:$18.99 each

Touchup Paint Tube







Wax's, Polish's & all Interior And Exterior Cleaners


Micro Fiber Towels

Micro-Fiber Towels are the best for removing wax and also execelent to use as a detail towel. Will remove streak marks and dust from waxing. Micro-Fiber Towels work excellent for all paint colors and will not scratch. Softer and better than diapers or terry cloth towels. 

Price: $2.00 each

Micro Fiber Towel







Gotmy300, brings you what we consider to be the best auto, bike and boat products on the market. Try them for yourself - we're sure you'll agree with all our other satisfied customers and we guarantee it. Wheel manufacturers agree and recomend Wheel Shield for long lasting care and protection of wheels.



  • Never scrub or polish your wheels again.
  • Total protection from brake dust, road tar, rust, corrosion and winter chemicals (mag chloride).
  • Surface shine always protected.
  • Repels 60% of all brake dust.
  • All dust and dirt wipe off with damp cloth.
  • One application lasts all year.

Wheelshield leaves a long lasting clear non stick coating, that stops brake dust and winter chemicals sticking to your wheels. Wheels are totally protected. All dirt and brake dust wipes away without scrubbing. Use a wet sponge or cloth to clean wheels. Wheels always look great, and never need to be polished. Wheelshield covers and protects surface shine.


Price: 13.95 Each

Wheel Shield




Cherry Wet Wax

This product is a soft paste wax.  A combination of a mild cleaner, polymers, silicone resins, waxes and sealant. These ingredients have been carefully blended together to produce extra long lasting protection for painted or gel coat surfaces. Will leave a wet look, brilliant shine and a smooth soft, hard mirror- like depth. Formulated to be used with an orbital or by hand. Very easy to use and will not leave any dust at all! 

Price: $6.95 Each 16oz Bottle

Cherry Wax




Miracle Mist Detail Shine

Better then any other detailer you have ever used.

This silicone base waterless soap is formulated to remove dust, light dirt, bugs, fingerprints and also to assists you when using the clay bars. These products will not scratch and will leave a brilliant shine. A wonderful item to use on a daily or weekly basis in the in going effort to help maintain your finish. Can be used on paint, glass and chrome. Just spray on, wipe once, turn the towel over and buff dry. You won�t believe the shine.

Price: $8.95 each 16oz Bottle

Miracle Mist



Compliant Dressing

This product is for your tires. Now you have seen shiny wheels before but here is a product that will knock your socks off. This dressing goes on easy and shines for months, it will not wash off the tires in car washs or even using pressure washers it really last for a long..long time and look fantastic. Use a wax applicator or soft terry towel to apply it.

Price: $8.95 Each 16oz Bottle

Compliant Dress




Interior Dress - Natural Gloss 
A ready to use dressing for all non-porous finishes, such as rubber, vinyl, and plastic. Leaves a natural look without the slippery or greasy feel or look.

Price: $7.55 each 16oz Bottle

Interior Dress




Professional Glass Cleaner

Are you tired of windows streaking or not being able to get them sparkeling clean ? then you need to try our cleaner.

This ready to use glass cleaner will leave glass sparkling. Hold about 6 inches from the glass, spray on very little and wipe with a lint free towel. You windows have never looked better. Does not contain ammonia. Safe for tinted windows. 

Price: $3.99 16oz Bottle

Glass Cleaner



Wax Applicator  

This cloth wrapped sponge is excellent for applying all types of wax, polish and even compound.

Size is 3" X 4"


Price: $1.00 Each

Wax Applicator




Blue Wax/Tire Dress Sponge

Blue wax applicator is a small sponge 2 1/2" round and is perfect for applying all types of dressings, especially Compliant Dress, Interior Dress. Will not leave lint.

Price: $1.89 Each

Blue Wax Applicator




Coverking Coverguard Universal Car Covers

This lightweight, single-layer polypropylene fabric provides good basic protection against harmful UV damage from the sun. if your neck of the woods stays nice and mild 300 days a year, then Coverking Coverguard Universal Car Covers are your best bet for affordable finish protection. These entry-level car covers are perfect for protecting against mild weather, but not torrential downpours or ice storms.

Because your Coverking Coverguard Universal Car Cover is constructed from 1 layer of Spunbond Polypropylene, it remains incredibly lightweight for easy installation and storing. Plus, the fabric is treated with UV inhibitors to help fight off sun damage.


  • Breathable - Allows moisture and condensation to easily evaporate.  Reduces heat build-up under the cover.
  • Dries Quickly - Won't rot or mildew.
  • Soft, Non-Abrasive Fabric - Won't shrink or stretch.
  • One (1) Year Limited Warranty - Against defects in workmanship and/or the fabric becoming unserviceable during normal use.  Covercraft will repair or replace after required factory inspection.

Not Actual photo

Price: $99.00

Challenger Universal Car Cover






Dodge Challenger (2008-2011)  Chrome Wheel Lock Security Set

High Quality Wheel Locks (available for most models) and exclusive MOPAR key codes helps ensure maximum protection. Available in one- and two-piece styles, for both steel and aluminum wheels. Each Wheel Lock kit includes four or five chrome-plated locking nuts, and one exclusive MOPAR key. Wheel Lock kits help protect against wheel and tire theft without effecting wheel balance.
Never worry about your wheels again.

Price: $59.99

Chrome Wheel Locks Set





Dodge Challenger (2008-2009) "Locking" Factory Up-grade Gas Cap

This heavy duty gas cap is designed to last the life of your car. Easy to use.
Never worry about someone tampering with your fuel tank or gas.  Provides extra security where you can really use it.
Comes with two keys. Simply put one key on your car key ring and the other away for emergencies. 
  Locking Gas Cap helps guard against theft or contamination of fuel. Constructed of plastic with stainless steel key and lock, the design features sturdy construction to meet Federal Fuel Safety Standards for fuel leakage.

Kit includes a black quick on/off, quarter-turn, locking gas cap and two keys.

Price: $29.99

Challenger Locking Fuel Cap